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Private lending library empowers you; so do my fights as press member, litigant

Reading, imagination, dreams, study, entering the field of battle -- that's building God's kingdom together toward victory for the Lord Jesus

Pro-life, homeschooling, entrepreneurial, independent, reader. These words describe the life we lead and intend to lead. Our home library — the Green Door private lending library at our house in Soddy-Daisy — sprawls into every nook and cranny, and visiting children here with their families love it.

We intend to empower future generations. In my fight to defeat fraud by state of Tennessee starting in administrative court in the department of revenue, I intend to reduce harm to millions of people, especially those criminally charged for “driving without insurance” and, especiallly, those whose vans and cars are towed and they are left on the side of the road.

Like the 508,800 people criminally convicted in TN in the last five years, I am a victim of the Cmsr. David Gerregano government racket that extorts business for insurance industry partners to enrich shareholders and employees of these businesses.

The state prospers from the fraud, just as if it were a business with myriad income streams. The state gets 2½ percent tax skim from motor vehicle insurance premiums. T.C.A. § 56-4-205. If motor vehicle premiums in 2022 are $2.67 million (F$2,677,063,051), DOR reports, that’s $66.92 million in tax revenues for state government. Let’s say half of those premiums are extorted under threat and not voluntary. Fraud generated $33.473 million for the state in 2022, just that one year.

The past five years insurance companies charged $12.511 billion in premiums. The state collected $312.78 million. If half of the premiums are extorted, the “free money” collected from insurers $156.39 million in tax.

Extortion is a felony in state law. T.C.A. § 39-14-112. Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti knows about it. Comptroller of the treasury knows about it. If we don’t care, neither will they, and I won’t be able to junk this program in court.

Please donate generously at my GiveSendGo page.

David Tulis & TNtrafficticket
Local economy & free markets
I cover local economy and free markets in Chattanooga and beyond, with a focus on making officials obey constitution and law and encouraging Christian rebuilding.